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Since MetaStox is your online financial information portal and aims to provide high quality financial services, MetaStox may need to obtain some of your personal data. This data will help us to personalize your home page and open a personal account for you, we assure you that we make every effort to provide you with the distinctive service: –


• We are committed to protecting your online privacy when you use the MetaStox website and apps

• We do not collect your personal data unless you wish to do so and specify that data. These data are necessary to provide the services and data you require

• We use your personal data only in order to help us provide our services to you and open your own account, improve our services to you, and provide information about our products, services and content you desire. If you do not wish to receive such information, please contact us at

• If you email us, we may retain a copy of such correspondence for internal use.

• The information collected is also used as a record of communications between you and MetaStox and to comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

• We do not sell personal data to any third party.

• We disclose personal data if we are required to do so by law, subject to your consent, when you request a particular service that requires such disclosure.

• We have also installed a firewall system which prevents any unauthorized penetration of critical data.

• We also have a comprehensive defense system that accurately scans the data coming in and out of the system.

• MetaStox website and applications provide links to other sites, and the site is not responsible for the privacy policy of those sites or the content on them.

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