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Office As A Services

Office As A Service is now seen as a strategic move that allows businesses to gain a competitive advantage. It involves the outsourcing of some or all back office responsibilities such as data entry, payroll management, forms processing and customer support to a third party instead of handling these processes in-house. By outsourcing these functions to us, you can focus on your core business and at the same time, be guaranteed that all your tasks will be completed efficiently and on time.

HR As A Service

Our human resource services include advisory, technology and administration solutions to help you effectively manage your HR programs while engaging your employees career. We help you to improve business results through talent management of people, processes, tools, and analytics with HR as a Service (HRaaS). Feel free to contact us now for more details.

Android Developers

With the huge buildout of Android devices in the global market, every business on demand to own custom android app development for their customers. Implement your unique development idea as successful mobile application with the expertise in technology. Apps Valley is prominent Android app development service providers providing Highly Innovative, quality and cut-edged application. Get your custom app developed from one of the most prominent starters of development industry. The best direction and specialized support result into the most captivating Android business apps.

IOS Developers

iPhone app development is the most booming mobile technology and you can rule it with the right app. By developing significant app for targeted audience. The huge demand of iOS platform gives a straight away flag that not just guarantees good return on investment for the iPhone app development additionally does well for the users. Our bunch of certified iOS developers aims to deliver mobile apps that enable to engage with the customers in successful manner. Hire best iOS app development firm for you project.

BlackBerry Developers

BlackBerry has always been the number one choice of executives from corporate and business world. BlackBerry smartphones let users consistently meet organizational needs. Our BlackBerry application development team provides dedicated, focused and technically advanced BlackBerry application development services to fit business needs of clients. They have the best of the knowledge of BB OS, web-kit browser, HTML, BB Technical Architecture, quality approval process and validation. With our most gifted BB developers, we are able to devise apps for a number of screen sizes, OS versions and resolutions. They are well-experienced with all the BlackBerry technologies such as software development kit, Java development kit, BlackBerry Enterprise server, run-time APIs and so on.

HTML5 Developers

HTML5 is the future of web and web apps which makes it huge. It is exciting and can change the web. It is the next generation of web technology. It supports both mobiles and desktop dynamically. Our HTML5 application development team, using the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies, designs, develops and implements highly interactive mobile applications for diverse industries. Our HTML5 developers are able to create a variety of applications with industry-grade quality and elevated performance. We better understand the online trends on the web and our experts, with deep insights of client’s business and are able to deliver value-added services. We apply proven methodologies and match the end-product with universally defined quality standards. Ultimately, we make sure that each of our HTML5 solutions is cross-platform compatible.

Java, PHP, ASP.NET Developers

Our Company offers comprehensive Java and php application development solutions, which includes software architecture, designing and development, project solutions, and software consulting. We have experience of developing multi-platform desktop applications using different tools and framework. We are expert in developing custom user interfaces and graphical interfaces for these Java and php desktop applications to maintain and promote the client’s brand identity. Contact us now for a custom solutions of your project.

Mobile Development Developers and Consultants

The mobile development developers and consultants offer a special level of service to their clients and work as a mobile expert to guide the project. The idea is to make a project work to its best potential and offer an enterprise-level consulting for mobile strategy. The purpose is to look for the right questions related to the trends in the marketplace and what the end users are looking for. The challenges for the mobile developers and consultants to offer an optimum experience in mobility services, and offer personalized services. The purpose is to provide one a successful consultative approach and work according to the business needs. There are a number of challenges at every step that pertain to the entire range of app development, testing and distribution. The mobile development consultants will devise an appropriate strategy according to your business needs and help one make the right choices for a successful implementation.


Egypt has a very large and highly educated population, which provides a unique opportunity for larger operations with about 500,000 annual graduates from over 35 universities and 100 institutes. Every year, about 220,000 students in business process services related fields and 50,000 students in IT-related fields graduate ready to deliver advanced processes and knowledge services in over 20 languages across more than 100 countries. With these numbers, Egypt is positioned among Poland and the Philippines, traditionally strong sourcing destinations. See Graphic 2. While UK and France are the better examples here, as the graduates with English and French language knowledge are the highest in number, German graduate numbers are still significant, especially compared with other sourcing destinations in CEE and the growing demand and costs. “In Egypt there are a large number of well-educated high school and university graduates who speak German. Cairo has a German university that graduates some 500 students each year. They are fluent in German and can often express themselves well in other European languages. This makes them ideal candidates for jobs involving SQS customers from German-speaking regions


MNCs operating in Egypt praise the high levels of quality and innovation of employees in service delivery and ability to come up with new initiatives for creating value to the business. Propped by its unique talents, the IT innovation arena in Egypt is flourishing, with several success stories of small businesses securing millions of dollars of investments from Europe, the US, and the Middle East and successfully offshoring IT services to EMEA.







Outsourcing Destination of the Year

Global Sourcing Association


This is a good time for investors to explore new investment opportunities in Egypt



Large and highly educated population with a diverse set of language skills

A.T. Kearney


Geographic proximity to Europe and Asia and is gateway to Middle East and Africa

Everest Group


Starting a business made easier by merging procedures at the onestop shop

World Bank


Egypt offers one of the most competitive operating cost per fulltime employee



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