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Maps and Location Based Services

LBS Business Intelligence

We offer both active and passive location solutions, designed to optimize your location results while reducing network impact in either a Hosted or In-network configuration. Our LBS hosted solution is designed to minimize deployment timeline, costs, and resource requirements. As part of this solution offering, we provide project management, coordination, and testing support. The hosted cloud solution can be converted to an in-network solution at a later date, when it makes sense – administratively, financially, and technically – to do so.

Traffic Applications

The Mobile Road Traffic Information solves one of the common problems of your customers- the traffic woes- by providing all essential traffic related data on your customer’s mobile devices so that the drivers can plan. We specializes in the process of GPS application development using innovative techniques to fetch data and geo-positions of devices. Whether you are hiking on a mountain, riding in a new town, walking down new subways, you can count on GPS Location based apps to make the process easier. You will never face the trouble of finding a place of your interest with technologically advanced GPS Enabled Apps Developed by us.

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