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Mobile Applications Development

Mobile Application Design & Development Process

Mobile Banking Solutions

We offer an intuitive and secure mobile banking experience to retail and corporate customers. The solution has been designed based on the agility, customer centricity, multi-modality and enterprise class compatibility. Banking on your device is now more secure and intuitive Delight customers with a broad range of differentiated service capabilities such as bio-metric enabled payments and authentication, personalized on-boarding and remote deposit capture.

Mobile Payment Solutions

We help business of all types to accept and process payments to help maximize business opportunities and growth. Empower individual to go cashless and cardless. Pay ‘on the go’ from diverse fund sources – for bills (mobile, utility etc), for goods/service purchased at a physical store, in-app and online store; send or receive money from anyone and much more.
Empowering more than just payments with highly secured features.

Mobile Stock Trading Solutions

Let your customers trade in a more efficient and comprehensive style with secure, fast and quality Trading Software. Multiple functions range from real time stock prices, live trading reports, advanced charting and analysis, to market watch, price alerts and many more. At Apps-Valley, we help you to develop comprehensive stock trading application loaded with all the basic and advanced features.

Messaging Services

We can help you to build real time instant messaging applications for personal and enterprise use, so that you can get connected anytime anywhere. With amazing features like Chat, make announcements, delegate, collect feedback with any number of friends, peers and social circle with our native Android/iOS chat app development solution. We helps people and brands to communicate and collaborate without borders.

Traffic Applications

The Mobile Road Traffic Information solves one of the common problems of your customers- the traffic woes- by providing all essential traffic related data on your customer’s mobile devices so that the drivers can plan. We specializes in the process of GPS application development using innovative techniques to fetch data and geo-positions of devices. Whether you are hiking on a mountain, riding in a new town, walking down new subways, you can count on GPS Location based apps to make the process easier. You will never face the trouble of finding a place of your interest with technologically advanced GPS Enabled Apps Developed by us.

Education Mobility Solutions

Enable the power of data expertise for education services with deep analytics capabilities and open standards for creating interactive learning models. Impart personalized learning experience to students for improving their outcomes to ensure optimized sustainability of institution’s technology infrastructure. We develop Mobile solutions that addresses the critical challenges and issues of learning systems and make learning more effective, responsive and transformative.

End to end mobile application solutions

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